My Puzzle World

Jednoho dne to do sebe všechno zapadne. Jako puzzle…

English section

March 2020

Island of lost souls


January 2020

New year, same me


June 2019

The Labyrinth


March 2019

Burn me twice
Waiting for a miracle


January 2019

Mission to the Moon
Tomorrow we’ll start all over again


December 2018

Are you happy?
What nobody can put a ribbon on


November 2018

There is no place like inside of a hug
50 shades of a hormonal woman


October 2018

Heads or tales
For that one night only


September 2018

The person I’m supposed to be


August 2018



July 2018

Like a bicycle ride
Do you want a piece of me?


June 2018

The games we play
The black hole underneath me
General manager of the universe
Is it really worth it?


May 2018

My dear Philipp
Dear diary


April 2018

Do you want me?


March 2018

It was just a dream


January 2018

Wounds in your soul
Mental suicide


November 2017

All or nothing


October 2017

My world is different


September 2017

Who is perfect?


October 2016

Desperate people do desperate things


September 2016

Universe, we need to have a talk
But why?


August 2016

Am I normal?


July 2016

Second hand men
What are we still waiting for?